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Ti-84 Basic programs for Electrical Engineering and Mechatronics provides downloads and also offers explanation and help. 

The website offers programs related to electrical and mechatronic engineering, mathematics, and control system theory for TI-84 Plus (CE) calculators. Each topic is explained on a separate page.

The Ti program's results are compared with results obtained with Matlab, Simulink, Multisim etc. Programs are focused on High School and University students. 

All programs are free and used all over the world. 

For the special programs, such as "the eigen value calculator or differential equation solvers", send a request, as I'm interested to know where the students come from. 

For questions, requests for programs or remarks, mail to:

Don't forget to provide your email address and specify which program you want.

More info of the author: 
Before attempting to use a program, it is advisable to read the following page:

For comments and reviews from users, visit the following page:

Just click on the main topics that you are interested in and a menu will appear 

Example of circuit analysis with the Ti-84 plus
A control system theory example
Special math programs are available on the page Maths for engineering with Ti-84
Checking your analytical solution

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