Ti-Basic programs for Electrical Engineering,
Control system Engineering and Mathematics for Engineering  

Information about the new website: www.ti84.org
Not only downloads but also explanation and help @ problems.

On this new (6-2022) website, programs about electrical and mechatronic engineering, mathematics and control system theory for TI-84 Plus (CE) are discussed and can be downloaded. Each topic is explained on a separate page. Programs are focused on High School and University students.
History: During my work as a teacher at Avans (University of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands) I wrote more than 40 Basic programs for the Ti-84 calculator to support theory and practice of Electrical Engineering. Only programs without explanation and examples would not suffice. Therefore, this website. To get confidence in the Ti program's the results of the Ti are compared with results obtained with Matlab, Simulink and practical setups in the Laboratories.

All programs are free. For the special ones you have to send a request as I'm interested where students come from. 

For questions, requests for programs or remarks, don't hesitate to mail to: frieboon@gmail.com or do a chat. Don't forget your email address if you want a program.

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Just click on the main topics in which you are interested and a menu appears with the available programs !!

Example of circuit analysis with the Ti-84 plus
A control system theory example
Special math programs are available on the page Maths for engineering with Ti-84
Checking your analytical solution
 amass spring system with damping

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