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Reviews and comments from website visitors and program users
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1: Hello, could you please send EIGENVAL.8XP to ****** I love your website. btw it has been very helpful to me.

2: The partial fraction decomposition is all I need. I didn't realize you had so many other ones as well, great stuff! Thanks

3:I would like to get access to the "SOLV234.8xp" program. Thanks for your help

4: I hope this email finds you well, I would like to kindly request for a program that can help solve eigen values

5: I just wanted to thank you for the program. It works perfectly and will be an extreme help on my upcoming exam. Also noticed the Dutch and had to respond. I am hoping to pursue a master’s degree in aerospace at TU delft. Anyway, bedankt voor de hulp!

6: Once I found your website, it was super easy to locate what I needed because your topics on the main page matched my class titles almost perfectly XD

I'm a junior at the university of Arizona, and I'm taking an engineering mathematics class and a circuits class, so your website has been great

7:Hey, I was wondering if I can get access to download the partial fraction decomposition program for my calculator. I would really appreciate it. Thanks

8: -Hi, how do I obtain the programs on your site? Namely, the Nyquist and Bode programs.


-I send them tomorrow 

Sweet, can't wait!  Best regards,

9:I am from Texas, and thank you for the program. (eigenvalue)

10: Thank you for the programs! I am from Italy

11: Bye! I am an Italian automation engineering student. I have recently purchased the ti 84 calculator, and I am really interested in giving it the maximum potential for use. I would be really interested in the app for controlling automatic systems.


12 : Hello there, My name is ********** and I am a student at San Francisco State University studying mechanical engineering. I am currently taking linear systems analysis and performing Laplace transforms frequently. Use of your program would be greatly appreciated. 

Thank you for your time and work.

13: Thank you very much!! 
I am from Connecticut, USA and am currently studying Electrical Engineering at Brown University in Providence, RI.


14: Enviado do Email para Windows

I am a control and automation engineering student from Brazil and I study at UFMG. I would like to have some control programs, like Nyquist diagram, bode , maybe an digital control program.

Thanks 😊

15: wow, thank you, I will test it out. I am from the United States. I'm taking an online class (ordinary differential equations) and my professor literally just gave us slide shows and a book. I can do this problem, but it takes me about 1 hour per problem. The test is only 2 hours and has 15 questions, and my prosser strictly does not give any extra credit. I will for sure mention the website. Thank you. Where are you from!?

16: Dear Sir, I will like to request for the program as mentioned in the subject.

Please send me the program file. Thank you very much! 

17 :I'm a student who needs to quickly compute eiginvectors. I began writing a code for my TI84 Plus CE, but found that you might already have a program based off this website: 

I was hoping I could get your program as I go on my academic career. Thank you!

18: Hello, This is *****. I came across the Partial Fraction decomposition program examples and I would really appreciate if I can receive this program. As an aspiring Mechanic engineering student, this will be very beneficial. Thank you in advance!

19: Dear ... Greetings. May I request for a copy of the TI-84 Plus program for finding the Eigenvalues(similar to Matlab)? Thank you! 


20: Good evening,

My name is ............ I am a student of Concordia University and I study computer engineering there. I am very interested in your program of first and second order equation solvers for my math courses and would like to try on my calculator TI-84 Plus(gray). Could you please send them to me? Thanks! Sincerely,

21: Hello, I from a small farm and ranch in USA, currently I am in my senior year of electrical engineering. I noticed you have a lot of valuable programs for the TI84! I will be sure to tell my colleagues about this website. Thank you. 


22: Dear Program Developer, I'm ......from Taiwan. I will like to request the Eigenvalues of a 4x4 matrix with Ti-84 program. Thank you so much. Sincerely, 

23: Hi Frie; Thank you so much.
PS: I discovered the issue with 'zip' files crashing file explorer: it was a corrupted DLL belonging to my CARBONITE backup software! Problem resolved after I reinstalled CARBONITE. (There was nothing wrong with your original file. It decompressed OK using 7-ZIP.)


24:Hi! My name is .... I'm taking a control system course at KTH in Stockholm, Sweden. If it's possible, I would like a copy of your control system programs. I think they would help me a lot. Thank you!


25: Thank you for the quick reply, Frie! I am a Mechatronic Systems Engineering student in Canada.

26: Thanks for the reply, 

I am from United States, going to Arizona State University. I will put this program to good use.


27: Hello again, sorry for the late reply. I'm from Singapore and currently a student. Thanks for sending me the partfrac program.


28: specifically the frac decomp program for inverse Laplace and the eigenvalue program have been of use so far


29:  Awesome! Thanks. What about your eigenvalue/eigenvector programs?

30: I am a student study EE in UCSD, I want to download this program "Control system" for ti 84 to verify the result with my manual calculation. Can I have the link for it? Thank you, your work will be my life saver.


31: Hi, Thanks for the reply.

If I use that program to clear my ti, my other programs will also be deleted, right? Because I need most of my programs for an exam, so I can't delete it. Can I use the eigenvalue program without clearing my ti first?  Thank you in advance., 

Kind regards

Answer: You can use Adefault. It does not remove programs or apps. It cleans memories and put it in the right mode such a complex mode etc. So no problem to use it. Best regards 


32: Hey Frie Boon, 

Thanks so much for the quick response! I will spend the next couple of days figuring out how to effectively use the programs. Sincerely,

33: Hi Prof Frie, thank you so much for the reply!  Thank you.

34: Hello! I’ve checked the programs you sent, they were incredible!!, thanks for providing students with these life savior programs!!. 



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