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TRMS and Average calculations of Periodic signals with Ti-84 Plus 

With the Ti84 Basic program TRMSAVE.8xp, True RMS and Average values of periodic signals can be calculated, which is very important for electrical engineers. The program FUNCGEN.8xp can be used as an input for constructing complicated signals. As examples, the trapezoidal signal and the absolute sinus are analyzed. The formulas of average and RMS which are used in the program TRMSAVE.8xp are shown below.

Formulas for Average and TRMS calculation used in Ti Basic program

Formulas of Average and TRMS calculations of periodic signals

Example Function generator /  signal builder

First we define the signal  which has to be analyzed with the program Funcgen
Function as input for TRMS and Average calculation

A periodic function was designed using the program FUNCGEN. For more information about the program FUNCGEN visit the page about the function generator.



After the periodic function is designed you start the program:TRMSAVE

The Average and TRMS can be calulated for a signal defined as a function or defined with the program Funcgen
Results of the calulations of Average and TRMS values calculated with the special Ti- Basic program

Calculation of the Average and RMS value of a rectified sine function

Input defined by  a mathematical function in this case the absolute value of a sinusoidal function
The calculated results of TRMS and Average value of an absolute sine function

Comparing the Ti results with the analytical results gives for Urms=325.27/√2= 230V and Uaverage=325.27*2/π=207,07 V

The results of the Ti agree very well with the analytical results.

Download the program.           More basic information about TRMS is available on:                     


An extended and improved version, TRMSAVE3, is now available. In this version it is possible to save calculation time for RMS values if it yields that f(t)=-f(t+T/2) which is in electrical engineering often the case. For this situation, the average value equals zero. Everything else is the same as in the previous version TRMSAVE.

download : TRMSAVE3: 

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