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Second order differential equation solved with the Ti-84 

Second-order differential equation solver (Trapezoidal method)

​This TI-84 Basic program can solve second-order differential equations, which are useful for electrical (RLC) and mechanical (mass-spring, inertia-torsion) problems. It is advised that those with no experience with numerical programs study the first-order differential equations examples first.

Formula second order lineair differential equation

In the example we take voor A=1, B=0.5, C=1 and f(x) =1 for X< 5 and f(x)=0 for x>5

The general equation of a second order linear differential equation. 

The function f(x) can be entered directly (mathematical definition) or by the program Funcgen.8xp.

Method: You must first create a signal using the Function Generator program, and then run the program for the second-order differential equation solver.

Start and Input choice for second order differential equation solver
Results of second order second differential equation solver with pulse input function

For numerical processes, the step size is an important parameter.  Follow these rules:

Step size dx = < (√(A/C)) /100 = 0.01sec, or dx <(B/C)/20 = 0.025sec. Take the smallest step size of dx and therefore dx=0.01 sec.

Extra input programs have been added for the differential equation solvers, namely PWM.8XP (PWM signal) and FUNCST1.8XP (square wave, etc.). In the program, you can choose either direct input or a function generator as an input.  

For questions or a request for the program DV2ETRP.8XP, mail to or chat and the program will be sent.

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