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Complex Help with Ti-84 Plus (CE)

Information of the program Comphelp.8XP

Complex help is a program that provides quick assistance with tasks such as calculating the complex impedance of a capacitor or an inductance at a given frequency, the complex parallel impedance of 2 components etc. It is a useful Ti84 Basic program for network analysis within Electrical engineering 

The figures below show the possibilities of this useful program 

calculating impedance of capacitor or inductance .
calculating the parallel impedance of two complex impedances. result stored in Z

Remark: You can use the subprogram Zp for calculating the total impedance for more than 2 parallel impedances. If you want to calculate the parallel impedance of 3 impedances Z1, Z2, Z3 than first calculate Zp of Z1 and Z2. This value is stored automatically in memory Z. Then calculate Zp using  Z3 and the value stored in memory Z etc.

from mode a+bi to abs and angle

Download program(new release Mai 2024

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