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Complex Help with Ti-84 Plus (CE)

Information of the program Comphelp.8XP

Complex help is a program that provides quick assistance with tasks such as calculating the impedance of a capacitor or an inductance at a given frequency, the complex parallel impedance of 2 components etc. It is a useful Ti84 Basic program for Electrical engineering.


 Example 1: Calculating the capacitor impedance. example 2: calculating the parallel impedance 

Calculating impedance of Capacitor and example of the parallel impedance  of 2 complex impedances

Remark: You can use the subprogram Zp for calculating the total impedance for more than 2 parallel impedances. If you want to calculate the parallel impedance of 3 impedances Z1, Z2, Z3 than first calculate Zp of Z1 and Z2. This value is stored automatically in memory Z. Then calculate Zp using h Z3 and the value stored in memory Z etc.

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