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Check the equality of 2 functions with the Ti-84 

Useful for electrical engineering and mathematical problems

In a quick glance, you can already see how the method works. The first equation is edited in Y1 and the second equation (the simplified) is edited in Y2. Choose a range for Xmin and Xmax in which the functions Y1 and Y2 are valid.

After the graph command, it appears 1 graph is produced if Y1 is equal to Y2. As a second Check, you can edit Y3 to be equal to Y1-Y2, which should be zero over the range X min to Xmax.

Check of equality of 2 functions. The functions are equal.


We repeat the same example, but now Y1 and Y2 are not equal for each value of x. Therefore, 3 graphs appear instead of one.

Check of equality of 2 functions. The functions are not equal.

The method shown can be used to check if two or more functions are equal to each other.

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