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Binary operations (Add, Subtract, Multiply, Divide)

Explanation of the program BINADSM2.8xp

The Ti-Basic program BINADSM2.8xp is a powerful tool that provides insight into the theory of basic operations between binary numbers. It is important for electrical and mechatronic students to understand the fundamentals of binary numbers. The original programs (add, subtract, multiply and divide) are written by Anders Tiberg and have been combined into one comprehensive program.   

Special attention is given to the subtraction and dividing of binary numbers. If you start the program you can choose between the 4 basic operation. The figure below shows what the program looks like if two binary numbers are added. Please be aware that the 2 digital numbers are separated by a comma.

Operation of adding 2 binary numbers

The subtraction operation is limited to 2 binary numbers,  with the first number being larger than the second number. For other situations (for example the second number larger than the first number, we refer to the website :

Multiplying numbers doesn't require extra attention.

Subtraction ans Multiplying 2 binary numbers

Finally, when dividing two binary numbers, once again, the largest number is considered the first number. The result shows that a residual term is possible.

Deviding 2 binary numbers

For the program BINADSM2, send a mail to

Since 17-11-2023

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