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Conversion between Decimal, Binary, Hexadecimal, Octal with Ti-84 Plus (CE)

Explanation of the 3 conversion programs for the Ti-84.

The program DBBE converts decimal numbers to binary numbers and vice versa, which is very useful for Electrical Engineering and digital technology students using a TI-84 calculator.

The program DBBE

Choice between conversion Decimal to Binary or Binary to Decimal
Results of conversion binary to decimal

The program BINHEOC converts Binary to Hexadecimal and to Octal

Choice between Binary to Octal and Binary to Hexadecimal

The program DEBINHEX  converts Decimal to Binary,
Decimal to Hexadecimal and vice versa

With the program several conversions are possible
Conversion decimal to hexadecimal and than from hexadecimal to decimal

Download the programs

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