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RL-RC-RLC series circuit analysis with special Ti programs

Explanation of the program RLCSERE.8xp

RL-RC-RLC are circuits which are very common in electrical engineering. A Ti-Basic program is written to analyze these important circuits.

After starting the program you can choose to analyze an RL, LC or RLC circuit with all variables free of choice. The circuit is connected to an AC source, of which the voltage and frequency can be freely select. From this circuit, almost all unknown parameters can be calculated including the power, power factor of the source etc. See the example with the results calculated using Multisim and the results calculated using the Ti-84program. Comparing results of Multisim and the Ti84 shows that the Ti84 results agree with the results of Multisim.

Multisim RLC circuit-60Hz-110V with the calculated results

RLC circuit analyzed with Multisim to check results of the Ti84

Ti-84 plus CE results: RLC circuit-60Hz-110V

RLC circuit analyzed with AC analysis program for Ti84

TI-84 Plus CE results: RL circuit 60 Hz-110V

RL circuit analyzed  with AC analysis program

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