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Three-Phase Symmetric Load Calculations with Ti-84 

Explanation of the program for a three-phase symmetric load 

Three-phase Voltage systems with a symmetric load is a frequent subject in electric engineering. 

With this program, various inputs are possible, as well star as delta configuration for capacitive and inductive load. The circuits show how voltages, loads and currents are defined.   

Formulas : Pac= Papparent complex

Pac=√3*(Uline)*(Iline)*= complex power, I*= conjugate of I,

ABS(Pac)= Pa= Apparent power (Va), 

Re(Pac)= Ptrue= Real power (Watt),

Im(Pac)= Pr=Reactive power (Var),

cos(ϕ) or power factor (Pf) = (real power)/(apparent power)=(Re(Pac))/Pa

Units : Voltage U(V) current I(A), Z(Ω).  2 Examples are shown.

3phase circuit with symmetric load in star configuration
3 phase system with symmetric delta load.
3 phases input possibilties
Results of the symmetric 3 phases power analysis
Another example of an inductive 3 phases symmetric circuit
Results of the symmetric three phases analysis with the Ti program

Download the program

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