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Electric machines and the Relationship between Torque, Speed,    Power and Efficiency calculated with a Ti-84 Basic program

Explanation of the Ti Basic programs PTNWE.8xp and PnUipf.8xp

In Electrical Engineering and mechatronics, calculations of torque, speed and power are widely used.

With the program PTNWE.8xp the unknown parameter is calculated from the relationship P=T * ω. If Speed and Torque are the input parameters than the Power is calculated, Power and Speed as input gives Torque as result.

The program PTNWE with relationships between torque, power and velocity

The program calulates the results
calculated results obtained with the 1 phase Ti-basic program

The Program PnUipf.8xp with calculation of input power, shaft torque and efficiency

With the program PnUipf.8xp the information the motor's type plate is used to calculate Torque, 3 Phases Power and Efficiency. This is Useful for calculating the unknown parameters of an electric motor. Remember that the Power and the Torque of electrical machines (motor) given by the manufacturer is the power of the shaft, not the electrical power from the grid.

The program is demonstrated using the information of an asynchronous motor, which can be applied in both a delta (400V) and a star (690 V) configuration. 

With the Information on a type plate of a motor the other unknown parameters are calculated

Download the programs

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