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Power, reactive and apparent power and power factor calculations 
(for sinusoidal Voltage and Current)

Explanation of the power calculator program for Ti-84: ONEPHASE.8XP


The calculation of power, power factor, reactive power and current is a very important subject in Electrical Engineering.

4 Different inputs in this Ti program are possible.

Definitions according to electrical network theory for sinusoidal signals. 

Formulas: Pc=U.I *= complex power, I*= conjugate of I, definition conjugate:  (a+bi)*=(a-bi)

abs(Pc)=apparent power (VA)=Pa,

Re(Pc)= real power (Watt)=Ptrue,

Im(Pc)=reactive power (Var)= Pr

cos(ϕ) or power factor (Pf)= (real power)/(apparent power)=Ptrue/Pa

More basic information is available on: 

Different input possibilties for the power analysis program
All unknown parameters of the circuit  power analysis are calculated

Download the program

Explanation of the Power Calculator Program for the Ti84 : P1PHASE.8xp

This program calculates real power, apparent power, cosfi, etc. for different input options of source voltage and source current. The examples show the options. The difference between positive and negative blind power is accentuated.

Example of system with negative reactive power
Input current complex as well in amplitude and phase angle for an inductive and capacitve system

Download the program.

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