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First order differential equation solver with Ti-84 plus

Get insight into the numeric differential equation solver for your Ti-84

A very powerful Ti-84 Basic Program is the Differential Equation Solver.

The first order Differential Equation Solver ady/dx +by=f(x) is based on the trapezoidal method.

Just click on the blue buttons to view the examples on YouTube. Also look to the Function generator instruction. The Function generator output can be used as an input signal for the differential equation solvers.

Numerical first order differential equation solver on Ti84
Perfect results obtained with the differential equation solver
example of a differential equation solved wit the Ti84
results alculated by the Ti84of a first order differental equation with trapezoidal input
first order differential equation with sinusoidal input solved with Ti84
results claculated with Ti84 of 1 order differentail equation with sinusoidal input function
the function generator as input  for a lot of Ti84 programs
example of function made with FUNCGEN. a program for your Ti84

For a free version of the first order differential equation solver DV1ETRP.8XP send a mail to Don't forget  the name of the program in the mail

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