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Delta star, star-delta transformation with Ti-84 Plus (CE)

Delta->star and star->delta conversion program of an electric network

The Delta→Star and Star→Delta conversion of an electric network require intensives calculations. This program saves a lot of time and can be used for complex networks as well as DC systems with only resistors, making it very useful in electrical engineering.

See the schematics.

Formulas :

delta→star : N=Z12+Z23+Z31,     Z1=(Z12*Z31)/N,   Z2=(Z12*Z23)/N,   Z3=(Z31*Z23)/N

star→ delta : T=Z1Z2+Z2Z3+Z3Z1,    Z12 =T/Z3,      Z23 = T/Z1,       Z31 = T/Z2

Unity Z (Ohm)

The Electric circuits of delta and star configuration

Delta and star configuration
Choise between delta to star or star to delta circuit
Input star impedances are transformed to delta configuration
Input delta impedances are transformed to star configuration

Download the program DELSTAR2       More basic information about star-delta, delta -star transformation       

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