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Calculating limits with the Ti-84 plus (CE)

Explanation of the Ti84 Basic program LIMITE.8xp

This Ti Basic program calculates almost all limits in a few seconds,  determining the limit for a desired x value. If, for instance, the X value is 0, then for 0+ and 0-, the limit is determined and should give the same result for both 0+ and 0-. Try out the examples to become accustomed to the program. The program is a very powerful tool; three examples are given. Examples two and three are fairly difficult to derive without the use of a program.

3 limits to be analyzed with the ti84 special limit program
Example 1 and 2 of calculating limits with the ti-84 plus program
Example 3 of calculating limit with the ti-84 plus program

Sometimes there are limit problems which cause the program to give an error when dividing by 0. The advice is to run the program again with a slightly higher input for X. For example, if you are trying to calculate the limit for X=0 and an error dividing by 0 arises, then run the program again for X=0.01  and observe the results.

Example :

When x=0, the limit of (12-6x^2-12cos(x))/x^4 gives an error, but when x=0.01, the answer is -0.5, which is correct. Ti results shown below.

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